We H-ART OF AFRICA SAFARIS LTD are the first boutique premium travel service that specializes in Small Group Tours, Private Luxury Tours and Customized Tours to East Africa. Our specialty is Customized Tours where we offer the most exceptional rate for small groups (like a couple). We ensure the visit to Africa is memorable by arming ourselves with the best guides, vehicles, tour equipment, and the best travel rates this side of the Sahara. We guarantee every safari is never the same, by tailor-making each visit to your needs and budget, including the best recommendations. We additionally offer our clients the extraordinary privilege of amending or including more details to their trip. A good example is a client may want to add a Nairobi excursion (site seeing) to their itinerary before the safari.

We in addition offer other robust services like hotel, resort, homestay booking, transportation reservation, tour guide service, translator/interpreter services and event organizer/charity trip facilitator. Thus, making our company the most flexible and disruptive in the market. In our company luxury is our basic package and our luxury packages leave you feeling like royalty from the moment you land in Kenya.

H-ART OF AFRICA SAFARIS LTD stands on another level unique from all other companies because we focus on the clients and not the profits. The joy and comfort of our clients are our key reward. We are the sole company that makes sure you keep coming back to East Africa as your main tourism destination. We strongly urge anyone and everyone to come forward and experience the differences of our services compared to a regular travel agency. We are, furthermore, a reputable destination management company who supports its international partners with the most outstanding quality in service, tariff, and availability. Our partners have been enjoying our efficiency and effectiveness in serving our clients and instantaneous responses in a critical situation.

You benefit from our years of experience and our relationship with suppliers in the travel industry. From getting the best deals, to VIP treatment, to having someone to turn to when the unexpected occurs, H-art of Africa Safaris Ltd as a tours and traveler’s best resource.

Designed with you in mind, H-art of Africa Safaris packages can be tailored or built completely from scratch to suit your needs. Our experienced travel experts have the resources at hand to make your dream holiday a reality. Why not contact us with your interests?

Organizing your own holiday can be a stressful task. Let H-art of Africa Safaris do the work for you! By choosing Rhino Tours, you can save time and hassle by booking all of your itinerary services that fit your budget directly with a reliable, experienced and specialized local agency.

When you book with H-art of Africa Safaris you can be assured that your details are 100% safe, as all guest transactions are protected. All our safari bookings are prepaid , everything is paid up front in full to ensure your reservations is in place.

High-quality vacations throughout East Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Cultural and physical adventure holidays in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Special interest tours and honeymoons.

  • Airport transfer
  • City excursions
  • Hotel or Homestay booking
  • Honeymoon holidays
  • Beach holidays
  • Mountain climbing
  • Safari Booking
  • Car rentals
  • Team Building & Conference
  • Hotel and resort booking
  • Transportation reservation
  • Tour guide service
  • Translator/ Interpreter service
  • Event Organizer/ Charity trip facilitator

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