About us

Our story

How did it all begin?

H-ART OF AFRICA SAFARIS LTD. Is a Kenyan owned Tours and Travel Company business based in Nairobi, Ruaka town. We make your travel economical, safe, fun, informative, comfortable & memorable.

We feel obliged to introduce our ambitious venture “H-art of Africa Safaris Ltd” as an entity that takes care of any tour & travel requirements of its estimated time at the global level. Since its inception, in 2016, we are TRA tours and travel company.

H-art of Africa Safaris Ltd has been venturing into a new geographic arena and making the utmost effort to make the best deal available to its clients.

What do we facilitate?

  • Airport transfer
  • City excursions
  • Hotel or Homestay booking
  • Honeymoon holidays
  • Beach holiday
  • Mountain climbing
  • Safari Booking
  • Car rentals
  • Team Building & Conference

H-art of Africa Safaris Ltd is a one-stop enterprise that offers a complete range of travel-related services. Superior knowledge, efficient planning and the ability to anticipate & resolve potential problems along the way are the reason behind our success.


Before travel: Online Customer Service is available (24hrs, Monday – Sunday, GMT+7). Responses are guaranteed within 24 business hours; however, in most cases, you will receive your answer within 2 – 3 hours on a business day. H-art Of Africa Ltd. Is dedicated to providing you with a fast and impressive online booking experience meeting all your travel needs.

During travel: While vacationing with us, H-Art Of Africa Safaris Ltd tour guides and divers, those who are “on the field” with you, will provide first-hand assistance to most of your instant requests or issues raised. The office staff with great communication channels, expertise skills and a lifetime of experience in the business are always responsively backing up. Our staff will do everything possible to meet and exceed your expectations.

Additionally, as a reputable destination management company, we support international partners with the best quality in service, tariff, and availability. Our partners have been enjoying our efficiency and effectiveness in serving our clients and swift responses in a critical situations.


We do not want to just show our guests new places but also make them feel. Going on a trip with H-art of Africa Ltd. Is not only about extending knowledge but also about the further development of acceptance of all different cultures in East Africa. The development of the understanding and acceptance of all diverse ethnic cultures on the planet earth will, in our eyes, allow us to live in peace and harmony. We strongly urge anyone and everyone to come forward and experience the differences in our services compared to a regular travel agency. We are very sure we will not only open your eyes to these cultures and experiences but also your heart to them.